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February 28 2013

February 20 2013

December 23 2012

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February 15 2012

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January 21 2012

December 18 2011

1/2=1 Recycled Art is a project by Spanish designer Tess Hill. Redesigning a common object Hill has given it a new function making it exciting and unusual. 
Tags: wanna decor
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November 23 2011

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Tags: decor
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September 17 2011

The Banana & The Egg
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September 09 2011

cosy nordic spot
Tags: decor
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July 20 2011

Tags: decor wanna
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July 03 2011

Tags: blue decor
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May 05 2011

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April 26 2011

February 24 2011

Tags: decor

February 19 2011

day in bed
Tags: decor

February 15 2011

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right here ^^
Tags: home decor
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February 01 2011

Do not take bottles out of this area ;)
Tags: decor

January 24 2011

Tags: decor
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January 17 2011

so similar to my current bedroom... well, at least the size ;P
Tags: decor
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